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Television Production Handbook

The original Television Production Handbook was written to help people use both field and studio television production facilities to communicate over public and government Television light broadaccess cable television channels.  It has become clear over the years (as it should have been in the beginning) that lighting is the same for painters as it is for still photographers as it is for today's videographers.  We are still trying to imitate the sun and the shadows it creates.  Principles of composition haven't changed since the ancient Greeks, digital video notwithstanding.  In the same vein, the principles of editing remain as constant as the principles of story-telling no mater how old or how modern the medium might be.

While you are free to browse through the handbook and consider what we have to offer, you must not duplicate or distribute it, in whole or in part, or incorporate any part into any other work.


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I was fortunate enough to be able to use your Television Production text book while in college. I lost my book in a fire sometime after graduation. Is the book still in print and if so, where can I purchase
it. It is one of the BEST books on basis Television Production I've ever had.

B. P.

*Thank you for posting the production manual. It's fantastic!


From time to time we will try to update the glossary and sections where new technology is important to the art of story-telling. But even if you can't find mention of the fastest CPU or the biggest hard drive, we suspect a review of the basics of television might remind you why you really picked up a camera in the first place and help you do with it what you really need to do.

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Copyright 1980-2009, Roger Inman and Greg Smith. All rights reserved. This book was written primarily by Roger Inman and Greg Smith.